Counseling Resources

** When looking for counseling/mental health resources, contacting your SAP is recommended to ensure the best possible match between presenting issue and service provider.**

It is very common for people to feel hesitation or skepticism about "counseling" or "therapy."

This is typically due to a number of misconceptions and myths that surround the topic.

Below is an article from the American Psychological Association (APA) that examines some common myths.

 "Only crazy people go to psychotherapy."
  "Talking to family members or friends is just as effective as going to a psychologist."
"You can get better on your own if you just try hard enough and keep a positive attitude."
"Psychologists just listen to you vent, so why pay someone to listen to you complain?"
"A psychologist will just blame all your problems on your parents or your childhood experiences."
"You’ll need to stay in psychotherapy for many years or even the rest of your life."
"If you use your health insurance to pay for services, your employer will know you're in psychotherapy."